To Dream, the Improbable Dream

I’ll admit it. I’m getting a little anxious about this next race (on April 7th). Even though I’ve formally written off my chances of qualifying for the UCI World Cycling Tour Finals this year, I can’t shake the temptation to try still, and therefore put pressure on myself in the process.

This has led to some creative math, with the following results:

CaptureAccording to last year’s results of the ‘Masters’ course (179 km and 2500 m), I will need to average between 33 kph and 34 kph to finish in the top 25% of my age group (The magic % for qualifying for the World Finals). In 2011 I actually did this race, albeit the shorter version, and had an average speed of 27.33 kph. A 6 to 7 kph increase in speed is pretty significant, especially considering this year’s race is 70 km longer than the one I did two years ago. However, if you check out the above link you’ll see a pretty meaty me in the photos. April 2011 was the very beginning of the ‘journey’ I’ve been spewing to you all about for well over two years now and I am at least 5 kg lighter than v.11 Gerry, with two full seasons of coaching from Rob in my legs.

It still doesn’t mean I can go that fast, I know, but we all need our little fantasies, don’t we.

15 thoughts on “To Dream, the Improbable Dream

  1. Do not over think know better than that…you been putting in the hours training and on April 7th you will be measured… top 25% or not, you will have a new base on which to continue to train for a successful Haute. Get to the line ready and ride your race…I assure you, you will qualify. If there is any way to mark the top 5 or so riders in your category, do so..beat who you need to beat..I have complete confidence in you..anyone who can spend 190 mins.on a indoor trainer knows how to suffer! (or needs a lobotomy).

      • That’s a good mantra, but might be too long for the red zone. I’ll give it a shot, though, but knowing me I’ll be adding ‘…isn’t he?’ at the end.

    • I doubt there’s a way to mark the top guys, other than try and be at the front of whatever pen I’m in. They always sneak up. I like your optimism, but even though I have been known to stay on the trainer too long, I know there are those even more insane than me (I know one myself). And yes, this is not actually the objective of the year anymore anyway, so I’ll try and take it all in perspective. Thanks for the advice.

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