2013 Milan-San Remo Route

Unless you’ve been living in a cave without internet access, you’ll know that the cycling season is good and truly under way. For me, though, this is the real start – the beginning of the Classics season, and the longest of them all, Milan-San Remo.


It’s an odd race for me to nail down. Often a sprinter wins it, like Matt Goss or Mark Cavendish; other times it’s a real Classics rider, like Fabian Cancellara or Simon Gerrans. Whoever wins it, though, needs to have the legs after 300 km of racing. I think that is the deciding factor more than anything else. img_altimetria2011

The race is usually won on one of the last little climbs along the coast before San Remo, and more specifically on (or on the way down) the Poggio – the last climb – with only 3 km to go once you hit the bottom of the other side. img_ukm2011

My pick (and just about everyone else’s, I imagine) this year is Peter Sagan, who can sprint (just beat both Cavendish and Greipel last week) and also power up short climbs very, very quickly. He is also young and fearless and a joy to watch. Whoever wins La Primavera this year, I know I’ll be there, doing my LSD (Long Slow Distance, you bunch of hippies) ride on the trainer, watching it all.

16 thoughts on “2013 Milan-San Remo Route

  1. Sagan is one of my Favorites as well. Together with Degenkolb and Moser.

    Pls ride outside! You are gifted living in an dry and warm area. Up her we battle our way trough 15 cm of snow. If you do dedicated intervalls on the trainer, ok. but LSD outside and then the last hour of San Remo on the Edge of your Sofa!!!!

  2. Sagan seems able to do it all. His finish the other day with that 27% climb was epic (and I know how you hate that word, but it fits here). His versatility seems to fit this course.

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