Tour Down Under 2013 Route Map – Jan 20th to 27th

download (4)Cycling, the new hockey. Just as my northern brethren play a game on ice well into summer these days (when they aren’t on strike), so too do the boys with the farmer’s tans race at weird times of the year. Yes folks, the pro cycling season will begin next week – in January – but mercifully, in a different hemisphere.

I have a soft spot for this race because I lived in Adelaide for a while in the 90s and have fond memories of the place. It’s also where I sparked up my love of the bike and was the start line for the across Australia solo spin I did in 1996. I wish I could be there next week – and not just because it’s summer.


Who is showing up so early in the season? Well, all the Aussies guys, it goes without saying, plus world champion Phil Gilbert, Andre Griepel, Andy Schleck, Jensie!, Thomas de Gendt, Sagan (no, not him, his brother), and a couple hundred other early risers.

4 thoughts on “Tour Down Under 2013 Route Map – Jan 20th to 27th

    • Especially for those living in the north,who’ve been covering up all winter. I’ve ridden in nearly those temperatures down there. It’s like living inside a hairdryer all day.

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