I Just Spent €34 on Grease

Proving either the efficacy of the marketing genius of Campagnolo, or the gullibility of its customers, I have just received this in the mail.



It is a 100ml tube of the ‘famous white grease of Campagnolo‘ (Google this and see how famous it is), which apparently I can’t survive without. This grease, until just a few years ago it seems, had been hoarded by the iconic Italian company and only used in the making of their stuff. Now, in quite small quantities, it is allowed to be shared with people.

My guess is that this grease will not increase my power output or VO2 Max, but it says ‘Campagnolo’ on the tube…it must be good, right?

9 thoughts on “I Just Spent €34 on Grease

    • Was wondering what an American saxophonist had to do with the conversation, but dug deeper. Is this the stuff to buy when I run out in a decade or two?

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