Because There Must Be One Post a Week

The title says it all, so don’t get too excited about today’s content. I have been busy with, among other things, setting up the dreaded indoor trainer, riding on the dreaded indoor trainer, and trying to ignore the dreaded…you get the idea.

Otherwise, John and I have been in the big ring lately because we have just signed up a merry band of 13 Colombians for next July’s High Road Alps tour. This, possibly our first ever multi-day cycling tour (there’s another one in June still open, hint hint…), will definitely be of the ‘diving into the deep end’ variety, since we were figuring on having 6 to 8 for an average tour. We are, you can imagine, pretty stoked.

And then there’s the new logo! Now we have something to put on those free bidons all the cool tour operators hand out.




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