Going Home

I’ll be in the homeland for the next couple of weeks, but I’ve written up a couple of articles that will publish automatically when I’m gone, so you don’t forget me.

My visit will of course involve family and friends, but there’s also a little ‘bike’ in there, too. I’m finally, after many years of procrastinating, going to be taking a two-week bicycle mechanics course at Winterborne Bicycle Institute. If they let me take photos I think there will be a couple of blog posts coming out of this, too.

I’m not the most technical guy around, so maybe they’ll be kind with me on the final exam, too, if I throw a bit of publicity their way!

6 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. We shall be expecting sound advice after your course. One of my cranks fell off in the middle of a ride today so I’ll be first in the queue for tips. Have a good time in Canada.

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