Haute Route Videos: Final 4 Days

And for my next creative and carefully thought out article, I have copied and pasted (individually) the last 4 days’ videos from the Haute Route, which just wrapped up in Nice yesterday.

The team sits at 5 so far, comprising the nations of Canada, USA  and Ireland. We are looking for more to complete the team, but honestly only because the 9th rider is free! We have a team (3+) already, but more are always welcome. Some of you have asked me about costs, so I’ll include this here to save you searching around on the Haute Route site.

  • 1200 Euros for the race itself, plus a whole giant list of bonus items (for those, check out the site).
  • Accommodation is extra and will run you from 300 to 650 (double occupancy).

Yes, I suppose you could call it pricey, but as one of our team members already pointed out, it’s not too bad for a week’s vacation in the French Alps. Anyhow, without further ado, the videos! If you are interested in sharing our pain, let me know!

7 thoughts on “Haute Route Videos: Final 4 Days

  1. Hi Gerry – Thanks for this video collection.

    This is just to let your readers know that are considering joining our team for next year’s Haute Route, there are only four (4) spots remaining, as a veteran and high finisher of multiple Ironman Triathlons has committed to our team.

  2. Amazing, Gerry. I just commented over at Aaron’s place about him joining you next year.

    This type of thing is actually some of the biggest motivation to push myself even harder – to one day be fit enough to participate in something like this.

    I am in awe.

    • I just read your comment and went to your website for a visit as well. Um, is St. Louis your ‘cycling mecca’? If so, you really have to come over here!

      Seriously though, I’m as amazed as you are, Fizz. I get tired of saying it, but I would never have imagined thinking myself ready to do an event like the Haute Route two short years ago when I started riding fast(er).

      Thanks for the comment and keep up the great work on the blog. It’s one of the few ones without (many) photos that I enjoy actually reading!

  3. Cycling Mecca is southern California – where I pilgrimage each spring for work, and for riding the mountains of the Tour of California. St. Louis is to climbing what Andy Schleck is to time trialing…

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