Fantasy Tour de France

Hey, did you know that the Tour de France starts this Saturday? Yeah, it hit me as a bit of a shock, too, with all this training occupying my mind. I wasn’t going to do this, but my newly-discovered competitive spirit got the better of me and I’ve made a ‘fantasy’ team and league to join, like some of us did for the Classics Season in the spring.

The TdF version seems to be less complicated, although I haven’t really read through the rules. For example, you just need to select 9 riders for your team before June 30th, then sit back and watch the points pile up throughout the Tour, i.e. you aren’t expected to trade riders, like was the case for the Classics. It’s easier, is what I want to say.

Click on the logo to get started.


  1. Click Enter Fantasy Tour Now (upper right)
  2. Register, if you aren’t already (from the Classics game)
  3. Follow the instructions to create your 9-man team.
  4. Once your team is made, get to its page (Manage Your Team should do it)
  5. Join League (bottom right)
  6. Enter 26083821 into the League Code field
  7. Click ‘Confirm‘ if my league shows up (A Col Too Far)

And it’s that simple! Man, I love July in France…

12 thoughts on “Fantasy Tour de France

  1. Hi Gerry, all signed up Mate. The team is racing under the classic Mapei colors in honor of my Colnago that is huddling in the cave at Le Reve!

    • How did you change your jersey? I can’t find it this time. Also, What’s with Manchester Tri? Shows I belong to this league as well. Are you getting the same thing? I like the team, btw. A little OZ heavy, but that’s understandable…

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