Act Two, Col Three: Aspin

This little col (1489m) just happens to be between two bigger ones (Tourmalet and Peyresourde) and has acted as the filling in this giant mountain sandwich 66 times in the Tour de France. The way we’ll be doing this climb in the Etape du Tour will be from the village of Sainte Marie de Campan and it will be 12.8km long with a gentle 5% average. This doesn’t mean it’s not going to hurt though, and since it is the 3rd climb of a really long day (nearly 200km) I think we’ll see the mass carnage begin here. Hopefully the handsome cows are out to brighten our spirits.

I am not sure what sort of TdF drama has occurred on the Col d’Aspin because Google hasn’t illuminated me in the last 15 minutes or so of searching. The best I can do is the great Gino Bartali on what might be the Aspin in 1950. How do I get me one of those running water guys, I wonder..?

10 thoughts on “Act Two, Col Three: Aspin

  1. Thanks for all the research and stories on l’etape. I’m 4466 on act 1 (6 something for act 2) so will hopefully catch up to you although with la marmotte in my legs from the previous day I may not. Anyway, just wanted to give you the good news, act 2 is 4km longer than when we signed up, now at 201km, they’ve made a similar alteration to act 1….keep pedalling

    • Looking forward to seeing what kind of shape you’re in on the day of Act One. I still can’t believe you’re doing the Marmotte the day before. Are there more like you out there…? Oh, and thanks for the ‘good news’.

  2. What a great ride Gerry and thanks got the background history you’ve been providing us. The Tour was and still is a travelling circus consisting of some interesting stories over the years.

    In relative terms, the Col de Aspin at 12+kms and a 5% average incline should feel pretty comfortable. Maybe you too should do the Marmotte the day before like you’re previous reader. I mean afterall, it will give you something to do to take your mind of the next day’s race.

  3. Did you leave out Tourmalet in your write-up on the basis that it’s too scary even to capture in the written word ?

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