The 745km Deep Valley

OK, I’m done. On all levels I can think of, I’m done. As part of my (Coach Rob approved) ‘deeper the valley, higher the peak’ training camp, I endeavored to do a daily 100km for as long as I could stand it. Well, I can’t stand it anymore!

The truth is I could probably do more, but my convenient excuse is that the gas guy is coming tomorrow and anyway, I think I need 2 days off before John and I attempt The Terrible Ventoux Triple on Saturday.

In my ‘training camp’ I managed the above 745km in 7 straight days, with 7200 meters of up (and I guess down, too). Now I must go comfort my shattered soul and eat a loin of something to get the protein I need to dig myself out of this valley!

9 thoughts on “The 745km Deep Valley

  1. Don’t let your coach talk with my “coach” (though I’m not yet brave enough to tell him that is his title.) My advice from him is: more strength work, less endurance work, more recovery. I suppose, actually, it’s all about where one is on this route.c Enjoy those 2 days!!!

    • Yes, we never really did ‘base miles’ in the beginning of the season, mainly because we were on the trainer. The long rides now are great for multiple reasons, my imagination tells me: getting used to many hours in the saddle before the race; the needed miles in the legs; endurance strength and the big one for me, weight loss. I’m nearly to my goal of 65kg now but the last couple are pretty determined to stay on me! Two more weeks to fix that.

    • Thanks, James. It’s all relative to who (or what) you compare these things with, isn’t it? I’m climbing much better than last year, I think, which is the ‘person’ I always compare with, but there’s still a looong way to go. That’s what makes it fun!

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