New Routes

This is a ride that I did a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve had so many other things to blab about that I never got around to posting it. This ride, part of which was new to me, was undertaken on the orders of Coach Rob as one of many many too many 100 km rides I have to get under my belt before the Etape du Tour next month. Even though it was hot and hilly and long, I’m glad I did it because I discovered a little area I didn’t know existed.

This is Pouzilhac, a pretty village with a cool castle.  

Pouzilhac, zoomed in. The village is very ancient, having been occupied probably since the Bronze Age. It was also a Roman settlement – it was conveniently situated on the Roman road from Uzés to Albi. According to this site, the castle dates from the 14th century.

The next village over was just as impressive, especially after I checked the Internet.

This is the village square of La Capelle-et Masmolène.

And the chateau (12th century), which is privately owned. Here’s a piece of important information for all you connoisseurs of silly Seventies erotica: The Story of O was filmed here in 1975. Cycling can be such an educational pass-time.

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