The Irish Come to Languedoc (and bring their weather with them)

At least I can’t blame this one on my wussiness – our race last weekend was rained out. I’d like to complain about how we went all the way there (a couple of hours) for nothing, but I shouldn’t, considering the three gents in the photo below (Roan, John and Mike) came from Ireland just to do it (you can tell them because they are the ones who look really happy in the rain)!

Roan (2nd from left) is a regular blog reader and it was great to finally meet him, even if was just for an hour or so, hiding under trees and hatchbacks from the wet. He’s down here often, so there’ll be other chances, I’m sure. The trip wasn’t all for naught though, as you can see I am sporting my new ‘Ireland’ cycling cap, which I shall proudly wear till someone gives me another one. 

The Irish were not very impressed that the ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys’ had cancelled the race for what I imagine in Ireland would be considered ‘a fine day’. I, on the other hand, was only disappointed that I had given up Saturday’s training to get ready for this. To compensate, I went home, bought a big bag of chips, and drank beer. I at least watched cycling on the computer, so that counts.

Back to the race, as John and I hit the highway back home, Roan, John and Mike decided that, dammit, they were going to finish it anyway. Here they are battling it out (is that headbutt legal where you come from, Roan?) in the sprint, just as the organizers were taking the sign down.

I’m not sure who won, but Roan gets the last word. Boys, invite me up to race in Ireland and I promise to bring MY weather with ME.

7 thoughts on “The Irish Come to Languedoc (and bring their weather with them)

  1. We travelled to France for some cycling last year and got rained on the whole time, then found out that the UK had been bright and sunny while we were away… typical!

    • I know a few who came down for last year’s Act Two of the Etape du Tour were deeply disappointed to find even fouler weather than they left at home. Well, the odds are pretty good – at least in the south – that you’ll have sun. 300 days of it…you can do the math!

  2. Nice compensation plan, Gerry. That’s quick thinking! The race official seems put off by the foreigners that are getting in the way of his work. Too bad. If you travel from Ireland to cycle in France, the least you should be able to do is head butt your friend while sprinting to a finish line.

  3. To my shock ,horror and dismay i managed to put on 6lbs for that weekend
    not a word of a lie

    Well it was my …. “Burstday” 🙂

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