With a Name Like Ryder…

Well, I really should write something after today’s stage in the Giro d’Italia or my passport might be revoked. Ryder Hesjedal, who Canadian cycling fans have known for years, has just retaken the pink leader’s jersey (in a stylish, last-minute attack that nobody followed) on the first mountain stage of the Giro.

Ryder has been around quite a while and has had a few good results (6th overall in the TdF is not bad), but this year is the first that his team has put him up front for the overall GC of a Grand Tour. He appears to be rising to the occasion and looks like he’s in fine shape.

Tomorrow will expose any climbing prowess he’s lacking (or the opposite) because it’s a ‘real’ mountain stage with 4 big climbs and a mountain-top finish. My guess is that Scarponi and Basso will show their cards, if they have any, so, if you want some more of this…

…Ride, Ryder, Ride!

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