License to Spill

Let it be known that I’ve now gone a step further than shaved legs and carbon-fiber shoe soles.

I am now a licensee of the Fédération Française de Cyclisme. I can enter any sportive race in the country with just a medical certificate, but the license adds a bit of legitimacy and integration I thought, and I get discounts on entrance fees to boot. I didn’t know I could do this, but I ended up being able to get the license without joining a club – something I really have little interest in right now.

I wonder what will be next in this journey…?

8 thoughts on “License to Spill

  1. What a minute – there is such a thing as carbon fiber shoe soles? What a wonderful world in which we live.

    Congratulations on the license. I agree with Tootlepedal – keep it prominently displayed always!

  2. What about club racing? Is there a race license? In Australia, Cycling Australia (who look suspiciously like robber barons) charge the very low priced rate of AU$300 (just about) for 12 months of elite racing license.

    Robbery, no?

    • Yes, they have different prices for different categories, so Juniors are 72 Euros and Cat 1 is 175. A little less ‘robberish’ here, it seems. Are races themselves expensive there, too?

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