Extreme Optimism: UCI World Cycling Tour Final

My wife often accuses me of being an optimist, but I think I’ve gone over the limit with this one. I just found out this morning that there exists something called the UCI World Cycling Tour – a series of amateur races around the world where riders can fight for a place in the UWCT Final (formerly the Masters World Road Championships), after which the winner will have the honor of wearing his or her very own rainbow jersey, like this guy…only without the millions in sponsorship money, I imagine…

My mission for 2013, if I should choose to accept it, would be to just qualify for the Final, but here’s the tricky part: in order to qualify you need to finish in the top 25% of your age category in one of the qualifying races. The glass-half-full in me says this is possible, since I just broke that magic number in my last race. Reality, however, will probably have something entirely different to inform me, as I imagine that the quality of riders will be a tad higher than that local race earlier this month. But hey, what are optimists for if they can’t dream impossible dreams!

11 thoughts on “Extreme Optimism: UCI World Cycling Tour Final

  1. Go for it Gerry! You know you want to.,,
    Has Shoko seen the mega cute pics of our hand-reared lamb (whom we’ve inspiringly named Lamby since Chris’s offer of Chops was turned down by the kids!)? There’s some on my two most recent blog posts. Do have a look and go ‘aah’. 🙂

  2. Hi Gerry,
    You can do it! Though if I’m guessing your age group accurately, you might want to choose your qualifying race with care. Say, one in the U.S. with fewer participants?
    If you found one of those (your US contacts could help…) it would surely be an easier course than you are familiar with there.

    Funny how age groups influence these things. I know a rider or a few always pleased when they first enter a new one.


    • Thanks, Suze. I’ll leave this one hanging till after the Etapes this year and possibly revisit it again in the winter, if I’m feeling feisty. You’re right about choosing the right race, I’m sure. My wife just told me about a Japanese TV personality who recently received Cambodian citizenship (letting his Japanese one go!) JUST so he could race in the marathon this summer in the Olympics.

      Bingo on the age groups, too, I think. I’ll be in a new one next year (45-50), so I’m kidding myself in thinking I have some sort of advantage.

  3. Of course you’re going to do this and you’re going to qualify. I’ll bet you’re getting very close to making the cut right now with all the solid training you’ve been doing.

    I’m so doing the Canadian race in Penticton. I’ll be the youngest of my age group (old guy catagory), so my chances will be pretty good. They race on much of the same course that is use in Ironman Canada, so the roads are familiar. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • There appears to be a Time Trial category for the Worlds, too, which I thought you might be interested in, but I don’t see any in the race in Penticton, unfortunately. I’m sure you’ll be first in your category, as usual, Coach. Then, all you need is a ticket to South Africa!

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