Going Campy, One Payday At A Time

My project, ‘How to Upgrade your Bike and Save your Marriage at the Same Time’, is moving along nicely (check here for background info) and I now have 4 of the 8 essential components I need to complete my transformation from Shimano 105 to Campagnolo Chorus…and lose 600 grams! There is the little issue of needing wheels to go with this new gruppo, but we’ll cross that pricey bridge when we come to it.

Why do I only get paid monthly…?!

23 thoughts on “Going Campy, One Payday At A Time

      • i have fulcrum zero’s in red. 1435 gms
        They are Bomb proof . look great and are quick, paid €850 for them 3 and a half years ago they have taken irish roads and weather well

        i bet you can make a big weight saving for a little money if you shop around top end carbon shoes on the net..

      • Good advice, Roan. I’m probably (but not surely) going to go for something alu, unless I can find a great deal on carbon. The marriage is safe right now, but you never know what will push it over the edge! The Fulcrum I was looking at were the Racing 3s (I’ve got Racing 7s now, so it would be a big jump up).

  1. Hi Gerry, awesome awesome awesome!!! Campy is just great, you will so love it, and Shoko will so love you even more because you will be so much happier.
    There is a company that used to be Brisbane based until February this year when they moved their operations off shore……not to Asia, but to the US of A!
    The company is Velocity. Their wheels are brilliant, and if you are lucky you can probably still get some Brisbane made ones. Ok, ok ok, I could try and bring ’em over?

    • Steve, already Shoko likes the look of the Campy stuff, so I’m half way there. I checked out that company but all I could find in Europe were flash, multi-coloured wheels for sale in a bike shop in London. Tuck a couple in your suitcase when you come over and I’ll let you beat me up Ventoux 😉

  2. Hey Gerry…I too am wheel searching…I ride Easton EA70 aluminum…excellent wheels and very sturdy…running Conti Grand Prix 4 seasons 28s…great ride and not too heavy. Seems all the wheels I like require a mortgage…stupid expensive, especially Fulcrums… I hear the Mavic R-sys wheels are good…lemme know what you come up with….maybe if we buy 2 pair we’ll get a discount 🙂 (yeah right)…bon chance

    • I’ve seen Easton around as well, so good to know they are sturdy. Even my entry-level Racing 3s haven’t gone out of true after 15,000 km or so, so I’m looking forward to having something that’ll last forever. I’ve seen some Fulcrums (Racing 3…not high end) for a good price over here and the Mavics I was looking at are the Ksyrium Elites. I think I’d have to go used to get anything better than that…at least until I get my wife working!

  3. under the radar is the way to go with new kit… if you want you can say it s mine on loan

    ease the stuff in slowly , a component at a time and a new bike will not so suddenly be yours

    stick around rookie,, ill learn ya

  4. “Why do I only get paid monthly…?!”

    You get paid! Luxury!!

    btw my DT Swiss wheels have been bullet proof but they’re only the R1500 so may be a little low rent for the likes of you…:~}

    Looking forward to the next instalment as always.

    • Oh, I don’t know. They look to be in the same range as what I’ve been looking at. Originally I was thinking it HAD to be 1000 Euros or more, but reality hit when I realized I needed to pay for them, so my goals have become more humble.

  5. The key is relative deprevation, Gerry. Subtly, ever so subtly, you need to expose your wife to the incredible excesses of husbands everywhere. Then demonstrate that you are being extraordinarily caring, frugal, etc… and you will glow in comparison to the reprobates she has recently contemplated. Then show how you are bending over backward to avoid excess costs in purchasing your Campos. Seeing that you are not a philandering drunkard or maniacal roadie hellbent on bankrupting the marriage, she will happily allow you your one and only vice!

    Of course, convincing her to splurge on herself at the same time wouldn’t hurt either!

    • I like that I’m getting as much strategic marital advice as tips on wheels! Your way sounds like it would work, Steve, but it also sounds really time consuming. Roan’s ‘hush hush’ method might suit my style better 😉

  6. The solution is really simple. Just have a wife that spends significant;y more money than you. My new bike purchases seem like round-off figures compared to what my wife spends on clothing and the ever revolving interior design changes to our two houses. By the way, check out the Rossetti wheels. I have a set of the Red Lable, bu thte Black Label look pretty sweet. And they’re on sale for $995. Nice deal for a great wheel set that weights 1586gm. They would be a great “all-round-wheel” as they are areo, but not so bad that a side wind will knock you off the road. Check them out at: http://www.rossettibike.com/wheel-systems.html By the way, the image of the rider on their web site is me climbing the Col d’Izoad last year. Remember, hunting for this stuff is half the fun.

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