What’s New? Getting Your Daily Dose of Cycling

Again, I surprise myself with my increasing interest in the pro peloton, and I now find myself checking to see what’s up on a near-daily basis. Where do I find my cycling news? Glad you asked.

VeloNews. This is a magazine, probably out of the US, that updates pretty frequently. They have a definite ‘anglo’ focus and you’ll find a whole bunch of articles on American, Australian, British and even Canadian riders.

Cycling News. Not very different in terms of content, but perhaps a little more ‘universal’ in their coverage. Perhaps.

L’Equipe. If you read French, this is supposed to be ‘real’ journalism. These are the guys who always break doping stories…as long as they involve non-French riders! They are good for videos, too.

Velo Nation. Roan just sent me this one from Ireland. If you like a little Sean Kelly to spice up your daily cycling news, he’s probably guaranteed to never be far on this site!

And because 4 cycling news sites is never enough, let me know what I’m missing in the comment box below!

13 thoughts on “What’s New? Getting Your Daily Dose of Cycling

  1. I will definitely second cyclingtips.com.au

    It’s run by one guy – Wade – who is not a journalist, but is a good writer. He attends many races, posts great photos, is knowledgeable and always has some nice cycling-related tips as well as non-race ride stories sprinkled in between the pro race reports.

    The only negative is he stole my Shut Up Legs shirt idea. Yes, I made them first. I just never sold them. 🙂

  2. I get all my racing news from Mr. Patterson Goes To Languedoc. It’s informative, concise, and perfectly suited for me, the discriminating professional cycling fan! 🙂

  3. Hey Gerry…Stephen from NYC…just wanted to let you know I quite enjoy reading your blog… by the way….congrats on your excellent finish last week….look forward to meeting you in Sanny or Nimes this summer…


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