World Cycle Racing Grand Tour

Thanks to the Llama Lady for letting me know about this!

Even if I am relatively (OK, ‘really’) sedentary these days, I have a pilot light of adventure that never burns too low, so things like this get me excited. The World Cycle Racing Grand Tour is a race ‘around the world’, or more precisely a race of at least 28,970 km, going in one direction, that starts and finishes in the same spot (this year being London). 10 guys took off 4 days ago, each going their own way.

The very cool thing about this race for the rest of us is that each rider is tracked by GPS and we can follow their every move (every 10 minutes, it seems) online. I’ve been tracking one guy named Mike who was coming close to home, thinking I’d get out this afternoon for a ride with him. I didn’t really do my math, I guess, because he blew right by Nimes last night, having ridden nearly 400 km yesterday! This guy has my vote so far the win…

Others haven’t shone as brightly and one has already packed it in after only 3 days on the road. After making a website, setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts, telling all your friends and family (and in this guy’s case even some sort of TV ad), I wonder what it feels like to chuck it all in so early?

But I’ll just have to wonder because I’m sure I’ll never attempt anything as insane as this! Still, it makes for good Internet, so check it out.

14 thoughts on “World Cycle Racing Grand Tour

  1. I think what they’re doing is completely amazing. I’m following them on Twitter and watching out in case anyone comes our way. I hope the remaining nine get round safely without too many incidents, although there are bound to be some I imagine …

  2. Cool! I think I would love to do it – but at a slower pace! I’ve done PBP so the distance isn’t the issue – I just would like to stop and smell the roses, see where I am riding! Guess I am looking for world cycle touring!!! Throw a couple races in the middle for kicks!

  3. Amazing. I have to imagine just getting to the starting line requires an incredible effort. It’s not my kind of racing, but I sure can appreciate how unbelievably difficult and dedicated these athletes must be. Chapeau!

  4. Lots of strategy here on a grand scale. Stay on the civilized and flat roads of northern Germany and deal with the cold, head southward to the Alps where things are still civilized by there are Alps, or head to the warmth of Africa and deal with whatever the 3rd World throws at you. It seems most riders are choosing the African option.

    • I was thinking the same thing. There’s 3rd World no matter which way you go, I think. I think it’s just whether you do it at the beginning, in the middle, near the end, or a mixture. As you say, lots of strategy. It’ll be interesting to see which was works best.

  5. Unless recently means only since you went to Paris, in the bigger scheme of things I doubt
    sedentary plays much of a part in your world. It’s a fascinating race, and processfor that matter.

    Anita Mac, for around the world and taking sometime, you might check out Skalatitude’s blog. She’ll come up if you google that word.

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