2013 Tour de France Route: Rumors Abound

No, not a typo – the first 5 stages for the 2013 Tour de France have been made public. Why the rush? I’m not sure, but I suppose it has to do with two connected facts:

  • 2013 will be the 100th Tour de France.
  • This is the first time the Tour will visit the island of Corsica, ever.

I have to say I’m looking forward to this Tour immensely. I was wondering what tack the organizers would be taking for this one, i.e. going traditional or with something new and unexpected. I like the way it’s started.

Oct 3 Update: Well, it seems like the expected unexpected will happen! Firstly, there should probably be a summit finish on Mont Ventoux (possibly on July 14th). That’s not very unusual, I agree, but it’s literally on my doorstep, so I will make sure I’m over there to catch it live. A finish on Ventoux is always special anyway, since they only use it every 4 or 5 years usually.

Next, there are strong rumors of a stage with a double ascent of Alpe d’Huez. That will be epic and is sure to create some chaos in the GC. If this happens, I will put my money on this stage being chosen as one of the Etapes du Tour, as well.

I’ve just read that the 4th and 5th stages have been set already as well, with Stage 4 being a TTT in Nice, and Stage 5 starting in nearby Cannes sur Mer, to end in an undecided (or unannounced) town. 

A little video from the TDF site to get you warmed up.

The stages so far are:

1. Porto-Vecchio to Bastia (Corsica)

2. Bastia to Ajaccio (Corsica)

3. Ajaccio to Calvi (Corsica)

4. Nice to Nice TTT

5. Cannes sur Mer to Marseilles

6. Aix to Montpellier

…check this site out for the rest.


6 thoughts on “2013 Tour de France Route: Rumors Abound

  1. Isn’t Corsica rather mountainous and doesn’t the TdF like to start things off with some flat stages? I suspect there are a few people grumbling about this already!

    • Astute observation, Steve. The first stage is meant to be ‘one for the sprinters’, so shouldn’t be too vertical. Stages 2 and 3 will be hilly, at least. So yeah, there’ll be some pouting from the likes of Cavendish, I’m sure. My guess is that these three stages will be followed up by a week or so of flatness…but where is the burning question.

  2. The campsites around Mont Ventoux were sure that it will be on this 2013’s Tour. They felt it would be in the first week. Will it be a standard stage or an individual time trial? Painful

  3. I know that one of life’s sins is never to wish time away (according to my dad before he died) but by God, the definitive route for the TdF 2013 to be announced on 24th October can’t arrive soon enough. As a family we have booked a villa (Robion) and are hoping the gamble of location pays off and we get to watch at least a couple of stages including Mont Ventoux.

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