Peter, A Cycling Success Story

Today I’d like to re-introduce you to Peter, a man some of you will know from a blog post I wrote in July. I took Peter out for an 80-km ride over a hilly course north of where I live one (fateful, it turns out) day in the summer. He did well, but struggled on some of the many ascents I threw at him and appeared a bit shocked when we compared heart rates on one of them. Neither of us could have imagined this, but that ride was a game changer for Peter.

When he returned to Canada he started getting more serious about his riding, as well as his weight. When he was in Le Sud he weighed a substantial 104 kg (229 lbs). At last check he is now down to 88 kg (194 lbs) and still dropping. This was Peter in July.

And Peter a couple days ago.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Peter, being a man of great ambition, has registered for Act Two of next year’s Etape du Tour, nearly 200 km over the toughest climbs in the Pyrenees, and the harder of the two Etapes. He is guaranteed to get over all those cols because he has also enlisted the services of Coach Rob, the mastermind behind my great Etape triumph this year (i.e. I arrived alive). He is in good hands.

Congratulations, Peter, on your success so far and good luck in the training season ahead of you!

18 thoughts on “Peter, A Cycling Success Story

  1. What a great transformation story, and based on Peter’s commitment to his training and diet program, I have no doubt he will not only meet his goals at this year’s Etape de Tour, but he will blow them away. His grit and determination was evident in yesterday’s workout, where he rode at his Anaerobic Threshold for a solid 30 minutes! And this is the “off-season”. Good luck Peter, you ‘d man!

    • Thanks Rob, with your guidance I have every confidence that i will attain and surpass my aspirations. Here’s to shaven legs….. Cheers

    • Ron, thanks. Do keep at it. I have never worked so hard but been so satisfied. I’m 52 and feel like 32. Good luck, I wish you the best on your journey.

  2. Hello All About The Triple, Here’s some more motivation to get you back on track. Six more lbs since that article was written by Gerry and only 18 more to go so I’m told. I wish you the best of luck.

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