A Poll for Sadists

Like many of my great blogging ideas, this one was taken from Steve! As long-time readers will know, my main cycling objective this year was the Etape du Tour, which I must say was an unqualified success (i.e. I finished and I didn’t even have a heart attack).

For 2012 I want to do it all again, but I’m torn between either the Etape in the Alps (Act One) or the one in the Pyrenees (Act Two)…or both (see my previous article for an overview). I could go on for hours on the relative pros and cons of both – especially the cons – but I’d like to see what you have to say on the subject.

Et voila,  my first poll!

22 thoughts on “A Poll for Sadists

  1. Act 2, the Pyrenees, of course. It’s the perfect reason for you’ve to get there to ride. But don’t get toooo wasted, stay an extra week or two and ride, ride, ride! Or also, even better, head over there week after week … just training, of course.

      • I must have been drinking when I wrote that. Since you first mentioned the etape du tour it has been incubating in my mind. Looks like more of a challenge than Ventoux and I would need to figure out how to stay in that form of climbing/cycling shape throughout the winter…so, yes, I am considering it.

    • A wife who wants her husband to do more cycling…how perfect is that! You’re more than welcome to join the fun. John’s doing Act One and it looks like i’ll be doing both. La Marmotte…maybe next year. I need to have something left to blog about.

      • Yeah, she has somehow nominated herself as my Directeur Sportif and spent yesterday afternoon finding new ways of punishing me on the bike.

        John’s doing Act One? I can’t let that slide by unanswered!

  2. Good to hear it, Roger. The Etape in the Pyrenees will be ‘epic’, as they say. Sign up early (Nov 17th, if possible) and get your accommodation figured out soon. Everything fills up quickly.

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