A Weekend in Provence – Chapter Two

Sunday began with lots of promise: muesli, bottomless coffee and a sunny tailwind. Really, is there much more to life?

To get back to Avignon, Shoko and I took the northern side of the large valley we were skirting the day before. This took us up, then past, Roussillon, which I mistook for a bald cliff till we got pretty close.

Roussillon’s claim to fame, other than being Samuel Beckett’s hideout during WWII, is its ochre quarries. The pigment is pretty evident in the color of the village, as you can see from the photo above.

But we didn’t visit this time because we had another mission – Gordes. The angle of the road sign can’t hide the truth; you need to climb to get to Gordes.

It really is an easy climb though, and I think you’ll agree, well worth a little effort.

And the inside is pretty nice, too.

The village, although obviously a major tourist attraction, retains a nice atmosphere and is not overly tacky, at least in mid-morning outside the high season.

The rest of the ride was good, but apparently not very outstanding because I don’t have any more photos. Stay tuned for more weekend getaways, coming to a blog near you!

9 thoughts on “A Weekend in Provence – Chapter Two

    • Forecast is for more of the same here for the next week. I always expect temperatures to drop when September hits, no matter how long I’ve been outside Canada. It’s a nice surprise every year when they don’t!

    • You said it, Suze! Some people go through all sorts of travails to come here and cycle 😉

      I’m trying to leave a comment on your blog, by the way, but it’s not letting me at the moment. What I wanted to say is, it looks like you’re getting close to Languedoc. Wish I was here to meet up.

      • I don’t know why not. My husband is inserting pbotos into text, since I can’t. Possibly he’s leaving it in the “new” not improved format. Will check.

        It would be very fun to meet and get a ride in. Are you now in Spain? Maybe you should ride, real fast, north across the Pyrenees when it’s time to return, otherwise, another time.

        By the way have you ridden the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia?

      • Susan, I think the problem is fixed, since it let me leave a comment today. No, I’ve sadly never ridden the Cabot Trail (nor much else in Canada, I’m embarrassed to say). Thinking of riding it next year?

  1. It sounds like a fabulous ride, and it’s possible some friends from home who can’t (bucks, children) or won’t (beats me why) come to France are also interested ….

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