Mounting a Running Heart Rate Monitor on a Bike

You may know that I have been going old school when it comes to monitoring my heart rate for training this year (try putting your fingers to your throat while riding at 35 kph in the drops!) and, although I did pretty well, I was always pining for a heart rate monitor.

So quelle surprise when I receive a box marked ‘Polar’ in the mail when I was in Canada a couple weeks ago. Most generous Peter had an extra monitor lying around and he took pity on my backwardness and gave it to me. What a guy.

The only problem was that the model was for running, i.e. the monitor is a watch, not a computer that clicks onto the bike. Today’s post is for those who might like to stop running and pick up an infinitely more fun  and interesting sport – cycling 😉

First, you take this:

And buy this:

And you end up with this:

The thing you need to buy is called a Polar Bikemount and it’s cheap. I ordered mine from Amazon. Now I’ve just got to remember to stop touching my neck while I’m riding…old habits die hard.

One thought on “Mounting a Running Heart Rate Monitor on a Bike

  1. Now when your heart is jumping out of your chest and you feel like you’re about to faint, your Polar Heart Rate Monitor will give you the number just before you pass out. What a great device! It can also be used to monitor what heart rate you reach, just before you throw up while giving it your all up Mt Ventoux, or when your legs go into spasm, the uses are endless.

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