Coach Rob Comes to France

The timing wasn’t the greatest, since I was in Canada for pretty much the exact dates my step-brother and cycling guru, Rob Armstrong, was in France, but we did manage to meet up (for the first time in our lives, incredibly) in Nice for a cold Belgian beer and a wonderful dinner.

And he really worked for that beer. In the week I was stuffing my face and slacking off in Gaspé, Rob climbed a Cat 1, plus 5 Hors Cat climbs in the Alps (Stage 18 and 19 of this year’s Tour) before heading to Provence and blasting up Mt. Ventoux in 1:34 (that’s really good, trust me). The photographer of this shot, Rob’s daughter Nicole, also rode up Ventoux that same day, in running shoes and only her 5th time riding…there’s something to be said for genetics.

7 thoughts on “Coach Rob Comes to France

  1. Gerry – You live there so you can spread these rides out over weeks, while I felt I was cramming for exams and only had two weeks to get it all done. I certainly paid deerly for the final exam up Alpe d’Huez after riding the Telegraph and the Gallibier and Stage 18 with 3 HC climbs and 110km of head wind the previous day, as the wheels fell off with 5kms to go….it wasn’t pretty. I’ll have to come back to redeem myself. And next time, I’ll do a better job of planning my trip and come over when you’re in town. Great to have finally met in person!

  2. EDT might be a surprise next year for people. I have heard a rumour (Well connected source) that indicates it might shock a few people!

    I might be back Gerry, depending on our situation with the new house!

    Looking at coach Robs time, I am pretty chuffed with my Ventoux 90 mins.

    • I remember you mentioning this when we met up in Provence. I hope your friend is ill informed. I’d rather not be shocked next year!

      90 minutes – was that the first attempt this year or in the EDT a couple years ago? Great time, whatever! It’s great to have a gauge of what to shoot for now. 15 minutes (the difference between me and you/Coach Rob) doesn’t seem that big, but it has to be. I’m not in the same league as you two, no question.

      Love to see you back here. Hope the plans with the house pan out.

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