Gaspé Rides – Forillon

For my 2nd and final ride in my hometown I took the Peugeot down to Forillon National Park, a great place for a hike and a cheap way to spot whales, assuming you have binoculars or very good eyes. It is also part of an unofficial extension to the Appalachian Trail, a long-distance path that starts in Georgia.

There are some pretty churches in the area, but somehow they all have power lines in front of them. I can’t be bothered trying to figure out Shoko’s PhotoShop, so here you go, an Anglican church, uncut.

Here is proof that I made it all the way to the park.

I turned around at a place I think we call ‘Peninsula’, but the beach was definitely named ‘Penouille’. Whatever it is, it sure was pretty.

4 thoughts on “Gaspé Rides – Forillon

    • Interestingly, I never have that problem in France. I must find out what they do with their lines. By the way, Mr. Tootlepedal, where do you live? I Google Mapped a couple names on your recent posts, but they led me to somewhere outside London, a remote island in Scotland and northern England someplace.

  1. Lucky you – you live in a beautiful part of France and have family in a stunning part of Canada. Awesome photos.
    Most of France’s power lines are in our driveway. We have electricity posts and wires down one side of our half km track, and telegraph wires and poles down the other. 😦

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