A Short Spin in Alsace

After a morning of illegal art viewing in Basel (Shoko forgot her ID at home and we clandestinely crossed into Switzerland and back) and an afternoon of TdF watching on France 2, we headed out into the Alsatian countryside for a ride.

Can you tell we aren’t in the south of France anymore?

Alsace, as you probably know, has been juggled back and forth between France and Germany over a few centuries. The area, at least to me, is undeniably German-ish, but I’m sure I could be corrected by someone who knows what they are talking about.

A couple of shots of my riding partner today.

We both decided that coming up north is a good idea in the summer, since it’s really cooking right now in Le Sud. Today was mid-twenties, which is just perfect for a little hill riding, in my books at least. A nice way to end the day and an even better way to get that bratwurst digested…

5 thoughts on “A Short Spin in Alsace

  1. Hmmmmm I don; recall a Bratwurst being on a bike riders diet pre-tour de anything? LOL glad to see you both ahd a good time… what’s this about forgetting ID LOL….just kidding … looking forwward to hearing race report and seeing you in Aug !!! Of course missing Shoko…..

    • At least it wasn’t me forgetting something important this time – it takes the pressure off a bit. The bratwurst looked too good to pass up. I asked the lady which one was best and the cook piped up with a heavily accented ‘all!’. I promise I won’t make it a staple of my pre-race diet.

  2. I remember getting lost in Alsace somewhere, deeply in need of a gas station. My French didn’t work at all, but my then-girlfriend’s German did the trick. Of course, we got to the station and realized we were in France when we saw the sign saying no German credit cards would be accepted.

    I, too, miss Bratwurst.

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