Really, Another Blog?

Something I probably should be asking myself, but I’ve gone ahead and done it. I’ve been thinking recently that there are some things I want to talk about that may not fit on ‘Mr. Patterson’, so I’ve started another blog with the good folks at WordPress.

Caution: there are more words than photos on this one. You might want to brew yourself a coffee before clicking on that link!

7 thoughts on “Really, Another Blog?

  1. How do you find time for all this writing?? Have you discovered some way of typing while out cycling? That would save time.
    (Really interesting blog, the new one, too.)

    • Lyn, it’s all about no kids and half a job. And anyway, it’s raining today, so what better opportunity than to start a new blog!

      I’d say you’re doing pretty good on your end, having a toddler on your lap most of the day.

  2. Hey Gerry, now I feel all guilty about coming over now! and add to that, I work for a car manufacturer!
    Really good points raised and entertaining as well! That will keep the people coming back for more!
    Your new blog is very topical for our part of the world, as we export a huge amount of raw material – over great distances and ironically coming back again as “stuff”. Also, due to our relatively remote location, the local lobbyists, use the carbon impact of imported goods to highlight the value of buying locally.
    hmmm, should have put this on your new blog : P

  3. Steve, seeing that I can’t get Coopers Ale here, your flight here could be seen as essential, assuming you come with a 6-pack of course!

    I don’t know much about bikes, but it’s amazing how much travel car parts do before becoming a car. I wonder what kind of car you’d be buying if you ‘bought local’ in Australia…?

  4. Mmmm, good taste in beer you have! How long ago was it you were in Oz?? ’96? and how much of the good oil did you consume to remember it so well?? Ha ha!
    Soooo what flavor of Coopers would need to be brought in order for my guilt to be eradicated?
    Yes it is amazing how far car parts travel, in order to make a car! As an example – and I hope not to bore any of your blog followers, I understand that an American brand of 4 WD which is made in Austria, relies on a Japanese engine computer component for its diesel automatic variant. Now due to the tragic events in Japan earlier in the year, this vehicle cannot be produced! Can you believe that there is such a international flavor to a vehicle!
    As far as buying “local” here, well it would be either a Holden Commodore (GM) or a Falcon (Ford), both of which I suspect have a significantly reduced Australian content from even just 5 years ago! This they call progress!
    Heck, its gone so crazy lately, that even 1664, Stella, and Beck’s is brewed here under licence, Maybe Fosters were thinking environmental rather than bottom line? Must be why they are the same price as fully imported product, making them practically a “green” drink!

    • Yep, it was ’95 – ’96. When I write it that seems a LONG time ago! I drank my share, but I was a starving traveler at the time, so probably not as much as I should have. My roommate worked in the wine industry, so I spent most of my time drinking the (free) produce of McClaren Vale and Barossa. Good substitutes.

  5. Brilliant substitutes! Ha ha! Hopefully you get to watch the “Tour Downunder” on the TV there, as there are some fantastic stages through these two beautiful areas.

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