Yesterday I went out for a ride with John and an American/Aussie named Eric, which I somehow have no photos at all from. But that’s not why I’m blogging anyway.

John’s house, being equipped with all sorts of essential stuff, has scales, which he ‘surprised’ me with after my post-ride shower. If – and I’m not convinced this is the case – the scales are correct, I am now 69.5 kg; down 7.5 kg from my Christmas peak of 77 kg in Paris. Like I said before, I still have a ways to go, but I do feel a tad proud of myself for shedding all that lardon.

Therefore, this afternoon I will sit down and watch the Mt. Etna stage of the Giro, accompanied by this:

Tortilla chips, salsa (but at least the jar with the least sugar and calories) and a big bottle of what Eric says is a great organic beer from Sommières, up the road from here.

I know I shouldn’t reward myself with bad food (I can’t bring myself to call beer ‘bad’. It’s brought me so much happiness in my life), but I hope you’ll forgive me this short relapse. I’m only human.

Must go chill the beer glass…

8 thoughts on “Reduction

  1. I’ll be joining you in the viewing Gerry, I have been looking forward to that stage. My sustenance though will be a cup of tea and piece of Mrs Goldsmiths (Jan) home made banana cake.. Its so tough watching those guys riding..

  2. Since I’m not getting on a bicycle in the forseeable future, I’d like a report on the beer. If it’s not all sweet and malty like most French beer, it’ll be good to know about.

  3. Oh, and if you’d like to make your own salsa, send me an e-mail: I’ve got a recipe that’s probably got fewer calories than that stuff, and is real, real good. Although maybe that’s too much temptation there.

    • Send it over. Shoko usually makes the salsa, but she’s busy being an artist today, so didn’t want to bother her. I feel like I’ve had your salsa before…but can’t be.

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