Coming Soon – The Corima Drôme Provençale

Here’s my next race. I just received an email that told me that sign-ups were closed for the Corima Drôme Provençale, since they have reached their 2000 rider limit already. This must be an indication of the arrival of spring because there were nowhere near those numbers at the last two races. Or it could be an indication of how much French racers like free stuff – everyone gets a jersey!

Question: do the increased numbers mean I have a better chance of moving up in the rankings, or are there just more people who will beat me this time…? To be answered Sunday.

There are 3 distances, but the shortest one looks like a fun ride – the main 2 are 104 km and 138 km. Karsten (yes, his gnarly scrape has healed well..) and I will be riding the shorter route – still 30 km longer than my two races in February. Here’s the profile:

There are 1410 meters of climbing, which is fairly substantial, but not impossible, I’m happy to report. Maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon..

And the best part of this race? Signs! You might remember the fiasco of our race last month. All the badness started with missing a poorly-signposted route split. The organizers of this race assure us that there will be plenty of these things before we go our separate ways, but luckily this time, if I do miss the turnoff it looks like I’ll still be on the right route.

My goal for this race? Finish on my bike; not in the back of the broom wagon.

12 thoughts on “Coming Soon – The Corima Drôme Provençale

  1. That sounds like a good goal. This time, make sure you stay well ahead of me, so you don’t have to stop if I hit the deck again.

  2. Good stuff Gerry. Cold wet and raining in Melbourne today – warm Provence printemps sounds magnifique!

    I am looking forward to you thinking about La Marmotte!

  3. Hey Gerry, Good Luck with the race, that is one ugly looking route profile for the first 70 k’s! Look forward to reading all about it, sans accident damage of course….

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