When a Smile is Not a Smile

On the roads of France the etiquette for recognizing other riders is either a cool ‘salut’, ‘bonjour’ or a little wave from the handlebars. So when someone gives you a big, toothy smile it’s a bit unnerving.

This has happened several times to me and I suppose my brain was too numbed by the pain to realize why. Then the other day it hit me. When I’m pushing hard my mouth tends to twist itself into a smile/grimace probably reminiscent of Heath Ledger’s Joker – red lips and all! I’m not happy, but I obviously look it.

So, cyclists of France, if you see me out there grinding my gears into the wind or up a mountain and I look like I’m enjoying myself, think twice before returning my evil grin. A sympathetic ‘allez’ might be nice though…

4 thoughts on “When a Smile is Not a Smile

  1. Hey ….. just maybe they recognise how “OLD” you are and giving you the sympathy smile as a gesture…. for what I am not sure…. Happy “29Th Birthday…..again…

    We have always giggled at motorcyclists “hello wave off the handle bars… and pondered how a passing van might wave to us in our van… food for thought LOL

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