Gentlemen, Start Your (Spandex-wrapped) Engines!

I’m not sure how it happened, but 4 days after starting treatment on my knee I find myself signed up for 2 cycling races and about to click ‘buy’ on a 3rd in Hamburg, Germany.

There is a whole host of amateur bike races in France, as you might imagine. The latest edition of the magazine Top Vélo has a pull-out section with 141 épreuves, all detailed with distance, pain ratings and elevation gain (the last two are inevitably related).

The race below is the first race in the country this year, and happens to be 30 min by train from where I live. Hard to pass up, even if I have no hope of getting into shape by then. If there are any others out there in the neighborhood looking for a little exercise on Feb 5th, here’s the website to get yourself signed up.

2 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Start Your (Spandex-wrapped) Engines!

  1. You’re very lucky to be so close to so much awesome riding.

    Currently non stop rain here in Aus, hasn’t been a decent run of sun in Melbourne for 6 months. Since I got back from France in late July it’s been rain, cold, rubbish.

    …much like the weather in old Blighty!!

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