Vaunage Passion Vélos

A little pub (as the French say) never hurts once in a while, so today I’ve got a few photos of my new bike shop. But don’t go clicking away to another website just yet, though! I also have a few shots from the road, since I need to ride to get there…

I took the big, fast, well-shouldered D999 out of town and stopped by this winery for a second, just cause they had such a nice driveway.

From here I turned left, then up and over the hill that forms the natural border of the Vaunage area. This is the excellent, but sun-drenched view from the top.

The smoke in the upper right is most likely a wine grower burning this year’s trimmed-off vines, but I’m open to another interpretation, if you have any.

At the bottom of this hill is Clarensac, one of the many little villages in the Vaunage.

And further along, Saint Côme..

The next village is Calvisson, and my destination – Vaunage Passion Vélos.

These friendly guys set themselves up right on the greenway that runs from Sommières to Nîmes, so I’m sure they get a decent amount of free publicity from ridersby – very handy for those coming to the shop as well, since you can, depending on where you start, get there without going on roads. Here’s the interior.

The shop has a bit of everything, from what I’ve seen. They have a large mountain bike area (photo above) and I think there are hybrids tucked in there, too. They carry a decent range of accessories and clothing, and of course, pictured below, is the I-can’t-afford-it-but-I’m-going-to-anyway corner, where I bought my Bianchi last month. Well, ‘bought’ here means one of the 2 cheques I wrote them has been cashed 😉

The guys, hard at work in the awesomely clean and orderly atelier. Incidentally, if you are travelling in the area, they also rent bikes. The area around is ideal for cycling.

Vaunage Passion Vélos. 1 Rue des Marchands, Calvisson. 04 66 81 43 78.  Monday to Saturday. 9am – 12:30 / 15:00 – 19:00



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