I Can’t Ride…..25….!

Hopefully there are a couple of you out there who remember the 80s and can pick up a classic Sammy Hagar reference. If not, well you aren’t missing much, really.

It’s been cold recently and my knee is still not fixed, so I told myself I would got out slow today. Easier said than done with my new bike, I have to say. I took a new road that I’d been ignoring because of its ‘redness’ on my Michelin map (nearly always a bad sign for cyclists), but this one ended up being pretty good. It was fast, and once I got up to the top of the ridge, flat. Also, a nice, wide, safe shoulder.

I was speeding along at 35 kph without much effort at all and all of a sudden I was halfway to Sommières, a destination I’d usually reserve for a weekend ride with the old bike. So, I just learned of another benefit to this new machine; I’ve substantially increased my riding radius, which is great news because the good riding is way outside Nîmes.

Anyhow, I turned right after 20 km or so and stopped in the village of Parignargues to take another picture of my new bike. Please forgive me, I just can’t help myself.

And lastly the little road that took me to Saint-Mamert-du-Gard, I think, before turning towards home.

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