The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For – Day 19!

Yep, this was our last day on the roads of Eastern Europe, and a nice way to end the cycling portion of the trip, with some good ol’ country roads.

And along those roads we found a mystery crop or two. Anybody know what these things are?

We never used these, but I felt better knowing they were there…

I think this must be the poor cousin of the cellar in my last post…or do they hobbits in the Czech Republic..?

Hope the bus that stops here is in better shape.

And not far from here we hopped on a train for Prague, which you’ll get a blog-full of soon enough!

One thought on “The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For – Day 19!

  1. The middle crop looks like it is flax, either for linseed or for the production of linen (given the number of flower heads I would hazard a guess at linseed). But it is at a pretty strange state for early September. In Britain and France it was long since either harvested or has been laid to dry. This must be a second crop.

    The top crop is poppies, presumably being grown for codeine/morphine.

    Both of these crops are grown in Britain as well.

    Lovely blog – I’m deeply envious of your trip.

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