Austria to Czech – a Tale of Two Trains

Actually more than two. We are nearing the end of our travels and running out of time and motivation in equal amounts. It is also stinking hot, which sours the mood a little. But, we did do some riding. Here is a picture of a part of a tiny hamlet we rode through in the morning. Each little house/cottage had a half-buried cellar attached to it.

The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful, except for a giant fight Shoko and I were having over something stupid, I’m sure. I’m also sure it was my fault…isn’t it always? For lunch we dined in Retz (I think), on the border of the Czech Republic. While Shoko was sweating and inhaling 2nd hand smoke, I strolled around the square and took photos.

A decision was taken, over lunch, to hop on the train and make up some km. This meant, unfortunately, that we wouldn’t be crossing the border on two wheels. It also meant that the marriage was safe, at least for the time being…so not a bad trade off. This is what you get in Austria when you chuck your bicycles on their trains.

And a close-up, since I was so impressed!

And if you’re lucky you get a view like this.

And this is what you can expect in Czech!

Don’t laugh, it takes bikes…and babies, apparently.

I’m continually impressed by Europe. Even in the Czech Rep., which, outside of Prague is pretty…lacking in affluence, you could say, I can still put my bike safely on a train. Maybe most of the world is the same. I’m just used to living in Japan for a decade. There, if you try this stunt, you’d probably get (politely) deported!

Random station along our way.

And finally Jihlava, where we spent the night very near this square.

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