Days 6 and 7 – A Little T and A

I forgot to mention another goal of this trip – losing weight. Both of us seemed to pack on the pounds over the winter this year and I for one was eager to get back to the point where I didn’t need to keep pulling up my pants over the spare tire…not to mention avoiding any further growth in the ‘man t*ts’!

So, we hopped on another train and got through another big section of italy on our bums. You see, Italian food makes you fat, apparently no matter how much you ride your bike each day. We stopped in Padova and rode 30 km to Noala, a town about the same distance north of Venice. It was a nice little discovery, since we are planning to go back and see Venice properly in the near future. The hotel is not cheap, by most standards, but next to nothing compared to what you can get in Venice I’d guess. There’s a commuter train that gets you to the center in 30 minutes or so, we were told, so a nice place to stay next time we get over that way. Oh, and they have excellent pizzas and German beer on tap. Could there be anything better?

The following day we spent mostly in the countryside of Northeast Italy, as you can tell from the shots of the day.

This day was brutally hot, and in the middle of the day we found ourselves running out of the warm water we had in our water bottles. Hence the following picture. Really though, you don’t appreciate water (and Coke, according to this shot) until you really have a need for it. I’d guess that most cyclists have a good appreciation for H2O.

I must apologize to any children out there reading my blog. This one is by mere chance bookmarked with toilet humor. Unavoidable though, since who in they’re right mind would pass by this road sign without taking a picture (2nd from top if you’re having trouble..)!?

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