Visitors From a Land Far, Far Away…

Yes, I’ve been out on the bike. No, I haven’t been anywhere really blog-worthy. I’d blame it on having a life, but that isn’t really true, so I’ll lay it on the weather then! It’s beautiful now though, so no good excuses anymore. But, even though I have been plying the same old roads around Montpellier, I’ve had some company on them…at least for one day last week.

Lori and Stanley, a couple from Israel that I met on the internet (it’s the only way I meet people these days…), were spending a week riding around the area and we hooked up for a spin on their last day. Very lovely couple and great to meet people who have the same passion as me (no, not kebabs…cycling!). Here they are at our long and luxurious coffee break that turned into lunch.

And here is Lori romping on one of our local Roman bridges.

And a rare one of me (because I’m always alone and haven’t perfected the stretched-arm digital camera shot technique quite yet…).

Hope to see you two in Caesaria someday!

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