North of Beziers – Part 2

Firstly, apologies for the beauty-fest with the pictures today. It was one of those springtime kumbaya days where everything looks good…even through the lens of my little camera!

The ‘part 2’ above refers to my ongoing mission of riding all the parts of Languedoc this year. I think I still have a part 3 and 4 to do before I’m finished with Beziers…and good thing – the area north of slumdog Beziers is really wonderful to ride in. Lots and lots of little villages that seem to be actual villages and not just extensions of Beziers (like some of the villages around Montpellier). So, not a lot of suburbs infesting the paysage and very few cars on the roads.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I started in Beziers today with a sandwich from this proud Languedocien bakery.

After fueling up I rode straight north towards Cornheilan, in the middle distance of this next picture.

And some more springtime glory shots.

I think this next one is the village of Margon. The previous place also had some pointy turrets as well, so I can’t be sure.

A little more on this area. I found the landscape a real pleasure to ride through. The area is not what I’d call hilly, but you have these mini hills all over the place – bumpy might be a good description – that open up new vistas over every bump, and don’t take much energy at all to climb. Often you get to the top and you can see the last 5 or 10 km that you just rode, or maybe the next 5 or 10 to where you are headed. Vistas, vistas everywhere! Also, there is a border of mountains to the north that frames the whole area very nicely. Here is an attempt to capture a bit of what I was just talking about, but it fails badly, I’m afraid. This was taken from a ‘bump’ and you can maybe make out several villages in the distance.

Another spring interlude.

And then it was to Saint Thibéry to satisfy my Roman bridge fetish. That is, until I got there and read that the original bridge had been rebuilt in the Middle Ages. It appears that there is a bit of controversy over the age of this thing, since the Herault site states that it is ‘bien romain’. True or not, this is what it is today – 4 arches (out of an original 9) spanning half the Herault River.

More impressive was the 13th century flour mill right next to the bridge. I’m not really an expert on mills, but I think this is the first fortified one I’ve seen. The tower in the middle served as a defense against pillage and theft, as well as to store the flour. Evidently, the French take their bread very seriously…

One more shot of Mother Nature before the end of my day…

…in the pretty town of Agde.

Part 2 is in red

4 thoughts on “North of Beziers – Part 2

  1. love the photos of the bridge, have you been to Vaison-la-Romaine, France i hear there are a number of roman remains there….

  2. OK, this is getting confusing. I’ve got two Garys commenting! I’ll assume this is the one married to my sister…if so, yep, I’ve been to V-R, but years ago. Love to get back there sometime.

  3. Hi!

    In looking for second home/appartment around Beziers/Carcassone. From what i understand Beziers is a good place to ride around it looks amazing, how you done any climbing in the area? Sweden is flat so Im really looking for hills/mountens 😉

    Best regards


    • There are hills north of Beziers, so I’d suggest looking up there. You will then be close to the mountains, too, which are wonderful and challenging. Great place to ride!

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