North of Beziers – Part 1

Today I finally started on my 2010 mission – to get out to different areas of Languedoc and start filling in the blanks of my knowledge gap. The snow has melted (in most parts) and the bite is off the air, so no good excuse not to hop on a train this morning for Beziers, about 70 km or so from here, towards Spain. Here is majestic Beziers (from a distance at least…) from the Orb River.

And a full view of the Pont Vieux, a 12th century bridge that for centuries was the only way over the Orb between Provence and Toulouse.

I wiggled my way out of Beziers and rode straight north to the medieval village of Murviel lès Béziers. Many of the villages and old town centers in Languedoc are circulades, villages built in concentric circles. I zoomed in on this one below to give you a visual.

These are a couple of shots from the top of the swirl.

After this little break I twisted out of Murviel-les-Beziers and headed west, across the Orb, and up into some lonely hills towards Abbaye Fontcaude, a tiny hamlet/abbey tucked into an equally miniscule valley on the plateau at the top of the hills. This abbey is on the Camino de Santiago and the sign I read states that the fountain below, in one form or another, has been quenching the thirst of intrepid pilgrims for the better part of 1000 years.

Here is the front of the Abbey itself.

And a picture of its backside on my way back to Beziers.

One thought on “North of Beziers – Part 1

  1. hi Gerry….i found our blog a couple of months ago and meant to contact you sooner in case you were planning to come our way. And there you are, gone.

    I live in Pouzolles…a pretty little village between and just north of Beziers and Pezenas. In fact, not that huge a ride from Murviel. Next time you’re coming out this way let me know. As you found, the countryside here is beautiful.

    Btw, close to Murviel lB is the wonderful winery Mas Des Dames that’s really worth a visit. You have to call first, but it’s well worth it….Lee, the owner who speaks Dutch/French/Englis, takes people on a great walking tour through her vines and then lets them sample her excellent, organic wine.

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