Signs of Spring…and a Bonus Bridge!

Spring came to Languedoc today, but I had to get out of the city for confirmation. For me, other than humping dog sightings of course, this is the sign of spring – almond blossoms.

Hmm, I see that I didn’t really choose the right color background there. Maybe this one is better.

Black and white. That was not planned. Anyway, there you have it. Spring in Languedoc!

Your bonus picture for today was not taken from my bicycle, but to be fair, I’ve ridden past it before. It’s a 900-year old bridge called Pont des Cammaous, just outside the village of Vacquieres that I’d been meaning to visit for at least a year. It turned out to be a really pleasant spot, with picnic tables, a river with water in it, and a complete lack of human existence.

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