Domaine de Grammont

Despite the 6 measly degrees today I went out for a ride in the afternoon. It turned out to be a really nice run, probably due to the intensely clear skies (I had several clear views of the windswept baldness of Mt Ventoux, some 150 km away) and the near-total lack of wind – a rarity these days. I did a loop to the east of the city, rolling on well-known roads for some of the way, and taking my chances with new ones for the rest. That’s how I happened upon Domaine de Grammont.

The facade above is only from the 18th century, but the site dates back to the 11th, when a group of monks decided that it was a nice place for a priory. Today the 90 hectares include parkland, tennis courts, wedding halls, an equestrian club and a journalism school. It’s really just on the edge of Montpellier, so very close to home. As soon as the ice thaws I think I’ll be going back for a closer look.

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