Tour Down Under 2010

Taking advantage of the freezing weather in the south of France, I’ve imposed a short hibernation on myself. The reality is I could certainly put on my woolly tights and get out of town, but I’ve had a nagging hamstring injury for months now that I’ve decided to cater to.

So, for the time being you’ll be getting cycling posts of the armchair variety.

Most of you in the northern hemisphere will find this hard to believe, but this coming weekend actually begins the UCI Pro cycling season. Yes, it’s ‘down under’ like the title suggests – more precisely in and around my old haunt of Adelaide, South Australia.

A race this early can hardly be called a warm-up even, and I think most cyclists who are looking towards the Grand Tours later in the year, look at these very early races as simply ways to get some racing miles in, and possible shed a few kgs.

The exceptions are the Aussies, who, unlike the French, actually win their national bike race. Australian riders take great pride in this race, and understandably want to end up on the podium…as 6 of them have in the last 11 races.

Click on the banner above for the official site, where you (curiously) won’t find a map of the entire route, but will find individual maps of each stage. If anyone finds a proper route map, let me know and I’ll add it here.

And use the link below to find live coverage, as well as lots of pre and post-race videos.

And just because I find it painful to write a post without a Google Map, here’s Adelaide!

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