Valhauquès and Back

I had big aspirations today. I looked at the map and noticed a village that was tucked into the hills some 20 km west of Montpellier, and I had never been there. As it turned out, there is probably a good reason why – namely because there is nothing to this village except an unremarkable church and a mini-suburban sprawl that surprised me somewhat (suburbs of what?).

But all was not lost. The day, although cold, was clear, and the roads sans traffic as usual. This is the remnants of an ancient chateau that I passed on my way to Valhauquès.

When I got to my destination and discovered what wasn’t there, I high tailed it out of there pretty quick, so no pictures. But then, as I was exiting the village, the road narrowed, crossed a little stream (dry of course…), and started up into the hills.

As you can see from the tire marks on this road, it is just wide enough for one car, but where they come from I have no idea. I didn’t see any. I cannot tell you how much joy these little surprises give me, and luckily in France there are plenty of them to keep me happy. Here’s a shot from around the corner.

And that was it really. As soon as I turned around I caught the westerly wind that was blowing today and had no more chances to stop for pictures – 35 kph is too fun and too rare!

2 thoughts on “Valhauquès and Back

  1. I’m really enjoying your bike itineraries. Looking at the Google map, I see that almost all of your trip is available in Street View, so I can see most of it even if you did not stop for photos!

    • I never realized that, but I’ll take a look now. I thought that only Montpellier was covered by Street View. Thanks for the tip!

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