Cirque de Navacelles

We woke up to sun today, happy that The Weatherman still can’t get it right even in the 21st century. A day of hiding from the elements quickly transformed into this little journey.

I’d been meaning to get up to this area for a long, long time, but until now the dreaded crowds kept me away. Well, luckily the French are much like the rest of the world and do their sightseeing when everybody else is doing it – namely, not on November 1.

This is looking down at Navacelles, the mediaeval village where we started our hike. The geology of the area is interesting, and you can educate yourself here, if you want. This gorge is super isolated, mainly due to the terrible condition of the two roads coming into it. They are both basically just paved donkey trails – lots of fun on a motorcycle, but thankfully impossible for tour buses.



It was a beautiful late fall day today, as evidenced by these pictures, I hope. Last year it was the vine leaves that shocked me with their multitude of vibrant colors. This year it is the garrigue, the predominant type of vegetation around here.




The hike we did today wound its way along the river valley to an ancient, unused mill, which had really informative signs in French, and really humorous ones in English…here I thought the Japanese had a monopoly on screwing up our language. France is proving me wrong.



Here’s the tightly-crammed village of Navacelles as we were leaving.


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