Cycling Paths Around Montpellier / Pistes Cyclables Autour de Montpellier

I’m sure I’m missing a few, but below are the routes I have ridden (and remember) around my home of Montpellier, France. All these lines represent a place you can ride free of auto hassles. Most of them are dedicated roads for bikes, i.e. totally separated from cars. But some are lanes next to the road, although clearly marked or with a barrier of some sort.  Oh, and most of them are outside the city, simply because there are too many inside to put down on a map…at least for me.

Je suis sûr que j’en ai manqué quelques unes, mais voilà ci-dessous les routes sur lequelles j’ai roulé. Toutes ces lignes montrent un lieu où l’on peut rouler sans le souci des voitures. La plupart sont des pistes exclusivement pour les vélos, mais certaines sont à côté des routes, marquées clairement. Ah oui, au fait, la plupart sont à l’extérieur de Montpellier parce qu’il y en a trop dans la ville pour les noter ici.

I hope this is a map in progress, and from the looks of the rapid developement in this city, I am sure it will be. Also, if anyone knows of others, let me know and I’ll add them.

Cette carte évoluera en fonction de mes nouvelles découvertes. Si quelqu’un connaît d’autres pistes, dites-moi et je les ajouterai.

7 thoughts on “Cycling Paths Around Montpellier / Pistes Cyclables Autour de Montpellier

  1. Hi, nice post. I am for a longer stay in Montpellier and I brought my bicycle with me to do some rides around. The problem is that don’t get a thing from the map attached. Should I maximize it 100% or? Thank you. Jana

    • Hi Jana. I just checked and it looks fine on my computer. Do you mean you can’t see the lines I drew on the map (i.e. the routes)? You might need to wait for them to load. Sometimes it takes a while. Also, careful with those because I haven’t really updated in a while and there’s lots of construction going on in the city at the moment. Most should be OK though, I’m guessing. Let me know if you find anything new!

  2. Hi, thanks for the info. We will be heading up from a coastal campsite. Yet to arrange. How long would you recommend it taking by bicycle to the train station?
    Best wishes from Scotland

    • Hi Eddie! It’ll take you a couple of hours, max, to get from the coast to the station. It’s only 12 km or so, I think. Have a good trip!

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