Carnon / Palavas-les-Flots

The summer weather (well, Canadian summer weather…) continues in the south of France, and we are still in the mid to late 20s here. It’s been windy as hell though, and today’s ride took about twice as long as it should have because of the headwind on the way back home.

This is what’s left of fortified wall, I’m assuming. All I could see from the road was ’13th century’, so I can only be sure it is old. What I do know is it’s small…amusingly  small. I found myself imagining a large-helmeted, floppy-gloved French soldier behind the turrets, saying ‘Silly English keniget, I fart in your general direction!’ Or something like that.


Montpellier, the place I live, is one of the fastest growing cities in France, which means I really have to keep an eye on things to keep up with all the new cycling paths that keep popping up. Here’s one that might or might not be very new, but definitely wasn’t there this time last year. I could ride the whole 30km today on dedicated cycling paths, which is a real treat.


On the way back into the city I passed by a new area being built up near the river. Progress is pushing out the gitans, who have been squatting/living here since we moved in last June. France has an interesting law concerning gitans. Apparently, when they move into town the city is obliged to make space for them, usually on the outskirts I suppose. This little community has been dwindling over the past months, and from the speed of the encroaching condos, will be gone next time I make my way down to the sea.



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