Central Europe Loop – Day 6

Mrs. Collenberg offered to take us down the road and show us where we could hook up with the cycling path to Rapperswil, and finally towards the Alps. This little grandma hauled her mountain bike out of the garage with unusual confidence, climbed on it and tore down the road, with Shoko and I panting to keep up! She realized that we were eating her dust and pulled in the reins a bit till we reached our turnoff point, where she stopped in the middle of the oncoming lane and waved us past like a police escort! As soon as she was sure we were safe she turned back to home, and left us with this view to ride into.


Much of our day was reaching, and getting past, Walensee, one of the numerous lovely lakes we passed on this trip.




How good are the Swiss at separating cyclists from cars? We had a dedicated bicycle tunnel today, right through a mountain. Felt like riding through the Flintstones area of Universal Studios!


From Walensee we rode to Obersee, where we finally found a totally un-advertised campsite. It was as if they didn’t want anyone to find them, it was so hard to find the place. But we did, whether they liked it or not, and had  a very large, grassy spot to theatrically read maps…


…and hang dry all our clothes on their fence/clothesline.


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