How to Pack a Bike – Germany/Switzerland 2009

The answer, at least for this upcoming trip, is ‘no idea’! This is only about 70% of what we’ll end up with before we leave for Germany next Wednesday, and nearly all of it has to go on my BOB trailer (see below), with the rest being shoved into Shoko’s pack that you can see in front of the mirror.

This does not even include my suit and the dress Shoko will be wearing to our friend’s wedding in Germany. Luckily we’ve got at least one Plan B, but that includes me carrying even more crap on my bike. Not a likely scenario.

I’m sure we’ll get it all squeezed in somehow. I just always wanted to take one of these shots. This is really nothing compared to heavy-duty world travellers, who need to take insane amounts of gear with them to deal with different seasons, breakdowns (mental or otherwise) in the middle of nowhere, or keeping linked to their the world, if they so choose.

This isn’t exactly the same thing, but similar. Here is what happened when Nigel Tennant’s panniers exploded in an Ibis hotel somewhere in Switzerland.



4 thoughts on “How to Pack a Bike – Germany/Switzerland 2009

  1. In view of losing 7 kg of baggage allowance on our return flight, we were wondering if you could repack our bags for us or give us tips on how to lose that much weight. lol

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