Les Voies Vertes

The temperature is so high in the south of France right now that in an hour my once-frozen water bottle starts to boil! The wind I get from riding keeps me from melting myself, so I haven’t been stopping much to take photos. Anyway, I’m only doing well-known routes for fear of getting lost and decomposing while I figure out the way home! OK, a little hyperbole I admit, but it is HOT!

So that’s my excuse. But here’s something. France (like any civilized country these days) is trying to create multi-use paths that avoid cars. A noble idea in my books, but as you can see from the map below, we’ve got quite a ways to go to catch up with our neighbors to the north (in Holland, for example, the extensive dedicated cycling roads even have their own traffic lights!). Still, it is a work in progress, and FAR better than only a few years ago.

I’ve added the link on my side bar (or whatever you call it), but here it for those who might be here in France.


There is an interactive clickable map, and I see a Union Jack up top, alongside a German one. Unfortunately it seems that is just window dressing for the moment. Nothing in another language happens when you click on them.


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