Not the most creative of titles, I freely admit, but when you see the photos you’ll see I didn’t have much choice. I’m ‘in training’ now, so not looking for new routes at the moment. Training for what? We are going to Germany for a wedding at the end of August and then hopping on the bikes for 15 days, hoping to get as close to home as possible before the clock runs out.

I am pretty eager to get on the road for an extended tour again. It seems like ages.

But back to my training ride today (to fit into my suit, not to get in shape for cycling!). I was doing intervals, nearly blowing my heart to pieces in the process, and found a good reason to stop for an unscheduled break. Here it is.





2 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. Looks like the flowers are bowing their heads saluting the Great rider from countries unknown….I started giggling in that I misread your blog thinking that you were going to wear your suit to train for your ride… bad !! LOL

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